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The processing method of turning knife of turning cutting machine

The rotary knife of CNC rotary cutting machine is the soul part of the whole machine, which will directly affect the quality of rotary cutting. But in the process of using the rotary knife, there will inevitably be a height problem. In order not to affect production, let's take a brief look at the handling methods.
The height of the rotary cutter has been adjusted when the CNC rotary cutter is delivered from the factory. The standard is that the distance between the cutting edge of the rotary cutter and the fixed cutter bolt below is 145mm. In principle, the height of the cutting edge of the rotary cutting knife should be 0-1mm higher than the center of the log. If the wood vibrates during the test run, it means that the knife is high and low, the knife edge should be adjusted upward until the wood does not vibrate. If the cutting resistance is too large and there is the phenomenon of skin breaking during the rotary cutting, the obvious white mark under the knife edge is longer (generally 3-4mm is appropriate), which means that the knife height is high, the rotary cutting knife should be lowered until it is appropriate.