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Brief introduction of the card free rotary cutting machine

As one of the equipment for plywood production, the non card rotary cutting machine belongs to the non card shaft mechanical transmission rotary cutting machine, which is suitable for continuing to spin the remaining wood cores of the card shaft rotary cutting machine into veneers, and can also be used to spin the small-diameter wood (diameter 300 mm) into veneers. The machine is mainly composed of frame, double roll system, single roll system, tool holder, transmission system, electrical system, etc.
The thickness of rotary cutting is controlled by computer program, with human-machine interface and high precision of peeling.
Using the cam feed structure, the cam is made of high quality steel through carburizing treatment, durable.
Swallow tail slideway advance and retreat cutter, stable and convenient adjustment, add shockproof auxiliary slideway under the original foundation to make the machine more stable.
The roller is treated with chromium transfer to improve the abrasion resistance of the stick.