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Adjustment of knife gap of non card rotary cutting machine

The rotary knife is the main part of the non card rotary cutting machine. The size of the knife gap will affect the rotary cutting quality. However, in the process of using the rotary knife, it is inevitable that there will be height problems, or improper knife gap problems. In order to ensure the normal operation of the machine, how should its blade be adjusted? Let's look at it together
First, check the clearance with feeler gauge to ensure that both ends are consistent. If not, adjust the adjusting wires on both sides of the cutter head to keep consistent.
Second, before working, twist the bolts on both sides of the single box, put the feeler gauge in the middle between the knife and the single knurled roll, and then adjust the bolts on both sides of the single box to ensure that the blade is greater than or equal to the thickness of the materials to be processed.